As the second wave of COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across India, it is essential to wear your mask properly. Maintaining proper hygiene, washing hands and wearing a mask are best preventive measures against the deadly coronavirus.

Recently people are talking about double mask and how it can be beneficial. A study by North Carolina University shows that double masking can be a great preventive measure against the COVID-19.

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Are you sure you are wearing your mask properly? If not then take a look at Dr Shriram Nene, a cardiothoracic surgeon and husband of actor Madhuri Dixit who, in an Instagram video, demonstrated how and which type of mask to wear.

Dr Nene in his short Instagram reel said, “wear two cloth mask on top of the other or just one N95 mask.”

He added, ” Do not put the mask under the nose, or just cover the mouth and certainly not over your eyes. Good Health.”

So, mask up and stay safe!