Like they say, looks matter. When it comes to nutritious fruits, we may find them unappetizing after they turn brown and mushy.  When fruits oxidise after being left in the open, they begin to turn brown. Another reason is the enzymes in the fruit react with air and take on a brown/black tint.

To make sure your fruits don’t end up brown and boring, here are a few ways to revive them-

1.  Cold water- After slicing your fruits, rinse them in cold water to slow down oxidation and enzyme reaction. This trick will keep fruits looking fresh for longer.

2.  Salt water- If you don’t mind a bit of salt, simply dip your chopped  fruits in saltwater. Take a bowl of water and mix a teaspoon of salt. Then dip your fruits for a few minutes, and finally take them out and store them in a container.

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3.  Ginger ale- After rinsing your fruits in cold water, dunk them in some ginger ale solution for long-lasting crunch and freshness. The acid in ginger ale will prevent the oxidation process.

4.  Honey– Adding a solution of honey and water to your fruits will not only give them a sweet kick, but also prevent oxidation up to 8-9 hours.

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5.  Citrus– Simply make a solution of citrus juice from a pineapple, lemon or orange and mix it with a bit of honey or water. Pour this potion on your chopped fruits and let the fruits soak up all the goodness. This will help your fruits retain their natural texture and colour.

Brown and soggy fruits pose no health risk and are perfectly safe for consumption. But you can try  these hacks to enjoy the appearance and taste of freshly cut fruits.