Practicing yoga can be cathartic. It helps you deal with day-to-day physical, mental and emotional stress. The full stretching of the muscles improves the blood flow, pumping it to every corner of the body. Not only does it provide you with relaxation but also keeps the oxygen flow continuous. Among other things, yoga is one of the ways to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Although the basics of yoga are stemmed from an internal journey, it’s not difficult to get the desired result from the right asanas and daily practices. Whether it is anxiety, epilepsy, any kind of stress, physical ailment, etc, yoga does take you all the way and helps you in fighting the unwanted feelings in your body.

So, this time, try out these five yoga poses to deal with your anxiety.

– Extended Puppy pose

This position stretches and lengthens your spine, providing you with releive in tension. Place your self in a tabletop position. Extend your hands forward, sink your buttocks towards your heels. Slowly arch your body towards the groud and let the hand take your weight. Keep your elbows lifted. And gently rest your forehead on the floor. Hold this pose for up to two minutes.

– Hero pose

This pose helps you keep your body active and mind alert and creative by helping you find your core. Focussing on breath, inhaling and exhaling at a regular interval may guide you in achieving the stillness you required in this pose.

Get into your kneeling position. Knees together, feet wider than your hips. Place your hands on your thighs and sit up straight to open your chest and lengthn your spine. Hold this position for five minutes.

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– Tree pose

This classic standing position might help you calm down your sprialling thought and bring stillness to your thoughts. Put weight on your right foot and slowly lift your left foot off the ground. Turn the direction of your left sole and place it on the outside of your thighs, ankle, knee, or calf. Hold pose of two minutes and repeat on the opposite side.

– Triangle pose

This particularly helps in releasing the tension in your neck and back. To achieve this relaxation, stand with your feet wide apart, wider than your hips. Point your left toes forward and the right at a slight angle. Extend your arms, with palms facing down. Let your torse extend forward. “Hinge at your hip joint to bring your right hip back. Take your left hand to your leg, the floor, or a block. Extend your right arm up toward the ceiling. Gaze in any comfortable direction.”

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– Child’s pose

This particular pose eases your stress and fatigue. To achieve this position, sink your back into your heels from a kneeling psoition. Bend forward and stretch your hands in front of you. Let your torso fall on your thighs, and gently place your forehead on the floor. Keep your arms extended and hold the pose for five minutes.

So, go and try out these yoga poses to achieve the ultimate relaxation and freshness of mind.