Winters are in full swing and they bring a lot of
delicious foods and cuisines. Also, the winters provide a perfect environment for
microbes to survive and reproduce, and lower temperatures reduce our immune
response which means that we are more likely to fall sick in cold weather than
at any other time in the year.

While everyone is aware of the nutrition and
foods that we need for winter but not a lot has been talked about the food that
we should avoid. NDTV quoted health experts and nutritionists said that a particular set of
foods and food types should be avoided for better health and immunity in
the harsh winter season. Let’s take a look.

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Dairy Products

According to health experts, dairy products should
be avoided when suffering from congestion, a sore throat, cough, or a cold.
Dairy products generate mucus which is likely to make you prone to wheezing, infections
and can worsen your congestion.

It is recommended to limit the intake of dairy
products such as milk, curd, cheese, and shakes.

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Histamine rich foods

Histamine is a compound produced by the immune system
that is responsible for preventing unwanted allergies caused by an inflammatory

Histamine-rich foods like eggs, mushrooms, tomatoes, dried fruits,
and yogurt among other foods generate mucus, causing problems like a blocked
nose or congested chest.

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Sugary Foods

There are many celebrations coinciding with the winter
season. With this, celebrations are incomplete without sweets and sugary desserts.

While you pamper your sweet tooth with all the yummy desserts, sweets can be your body’s worse enemy as
they increase inflammation and reduce immunity.

So, foods like sweets, cakes,
sweetened cereals, or soft drinks, commercial fruit juices should be avoided.

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Fatty Foods

Fatty or Fried foods are high in fats, which is harmful
when trying to avoid illness. The fried warm foods may help the body to deal
with the cold weather but they cause inflammation and also increase mucus
thickness. These may pamper your taste buds for a while but can give you
trouble in long run.

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Meat and Processed Foods

Your body takes more time to digest meat, which leads to laziness at times when
physical activity is already low. Processed foods may lead to indigestion and
ultimately to gain weight. These foods also cause allergies to some people as
they are loaded with preservatives and additives.