the constant stress of grappling with the pandemic and the lifestyle changes that
comes with it, altercations and trouble in sleeping has become a normal

there’s a wide range of reasons that can lead to various sleeping problems and
turning to sleep medications in search of more restful slumber can result in
more lifestyle issues, the best way to deal with insomnia lies in an ancient
Ayurvedic foot rub technique by Rekha Diwekar that may not only help relieve
the stress but give you a good night sleep you have been longing for.

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foot massage

Kansa Vati foot massage is a magically relaxing treatment which helps to
balance body, mind and spirit. This unique treatment, rooted in centuries of
practices, cleanses and relives the feet and leg muscles.

to Diwekar, massaging your feet after the application of pure cow ghee or oil
betters tired eyes, improves blood circulation and removes toxins.

How to do it

Before lying down on your bed, apply some desi cow ghee/kokum butter or coconut oil and massage with a small bronze vessel for a few minutes.

Start rubbing your sole then, slowly and methodically the toes, feet, ankles and calves.

Here is where you can watch and learn this wonderful remedial massage.

While performing the Kansa massage make sure that you need to hold the Kansa bowl directly with your hands so the energy of elements of our body -space, air, fire, water, earth reaches us from the five fingers of your hands.