As we age,
the turnover of our cells slows down, resulting in dead skin to stick around,
creating an unappealing complexion. Exfoliation can revive your skin, taking it
from being dull to bright and radiant. 

is not just beneficial in removing dry or dull skin but helps in increasing
blood circulation and brightening your skin’s appearance. 

However, if
you choose to exfoliate, it’s important to do it safely so that it does not
damage your skin or lead to increased acne breakouts and redness.

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·       Every skin type is different, and you
need to understand what works best for you. If you have oily skin, use a gel
scrub and if you have dry skin type, go for a cream scrub. For people with
sensitive skin, a gentle scrub without any microbeads can work wonders.

·       There are no fixed rules as to when
you should scrub your face, however, it is best if you do it at night. Pay
special attention to your nigh-time routine as the skin has a tendency to stay
active at night – it’s actually the time when the skin repairs itself, secretes
oil, etc. For best results, scrub your face well before going to bed. Don’t
forget to moisturize it.

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·       Rubbing your skin in a harsh manner,
especially if you have the sensitive skin type can harm it more. It can damage
the protective outer layer of the skin, causing inflammation, acne breakouts,
redness, and pain. Make sure that you massage your face gently and wash your
face well before exfoliating it in circular motions. Wash it with cold water
and never forget to moisturize it.

Keep these rules in mind before your
next exfoliation session?