Many of us rely on microwaves for heating up and cooking our food as it is the fastest and easy way to do so. All you have to do is prepare a batter, put it inside the microwave, and zoom, it’s done. However, how healthy is this option? You might want to rethink. There is no denying the fact that microwaves make cooking easy and fast but the effects of this equipment on food and the body are not healthy. 

This article will discuss what is wrong with using microwaves and why one should not make it a member of its kitchen.

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Heating up food in the microwave takes away food’s nutrients

Health experts often suggest against using microwaves for heating up already cooked food as its radiation strips away all the important nutrients in the food defeating the entire purpose of having a healthy meal.

Microwaving has been found to remove 97% of the flavonoids – plant compounds with anti-inflammatory benefits – in broccoli. The health benefits of the vitamin B-12 present in food items are also instantly negated once heated in a microwave.

Affects blood flow and heart rate

This is not news that microwaves use electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to the body. This radiation can produce impacts on the body almost instantly. The non-ionizing radiation of the microwave can affect changes in your blood and your heart rate.

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Microwaving food leads to food degeneration which can lead to elevated blood sugar levels.

Weakens immunity and digestion

Microwave-cooked food reduces the body’s capacity to resist bacterial and viral infections thus, making it weaker. It also affects our digestive system negatively, making weight loss difficult, killing nutrients in our food thereby silently impacting our immune system.

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Increases risk of cancer

This is the most alarming factor of using microwaves. The risk is mostly when plastic containers are used to heat or cook food in microwaves. The reaction of microwaves radiation with plastic is so terrible that it can even cause cancer. 

Not just that but food cooked in microwaves in plastic containers can put one at risk of infertility, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, affect fertility and damage brain functioning.