Just days ago, NGO Agewell Foundation revealed that the increase of COVID-19 cases over the previous few months has had a significant impact on the mental health of senior citizens.

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The foundation stated that 82.4% of older respondents are concerned about their health as a result of an upsurge in coronavirus infections and deaths caused by COVID-19.

The pandemic has had a profound and long-term influence on a majority of the older population, particularly their mental health.

The fact that “older people are afraid of the COVID-19 consequences” and of catching the disease is the significant force behind this shift, the foundation was quoted as saying by The Wire.

Isolation, unfavourable news, constraints, and a lack of physical interaction may affect elders who are largely homebound or live alone. This may cause anxiety and depression.

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Here are some suggestions for maintaining the mental health of the elderly in the midst of the pandemic:

Establish a safe environment

The elderly will benefit from being a part of a safe space that enables them to express their feelings.

No matter how many times they express identical problems, they need to be handled with empathy rather than irritation.

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Form a set routine

Assist them in creating and sticking to a daily schedule that includes eating on time, taking their medications, exercising, and spending time with their family.

They may be dissatisfied with having to rely on family members for daily duties. As a result, assist them in realizing how much their life experience and abilities are appreciated.

Share your personal circumstances with them, and listen to their counsel on subjects that concern you.

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Keep an eye on their mental well-being

Try to figure out what hobbies or methods they use to unwind.

Be patient and educate them about the bogus COVID-19 information that frequently passes through social media platforms.

Assist them in contacting a mental health expert if their anxiety and tension persist or worsens.

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Make time for fun activities

Every day, set aside time to interact with them via a fun activity (taking a time-out from COVID-related updates).

Listening to old tunes, taking a walk in the yard, playing a card game, or discussing their experiences are some things that can help them relax.