Several people,

after recovering from COVID-19, complained of serious complications in health after getting back to their normal workout regime. Now, experts and doctors said that those who have recovered from the disease must stick to basic breathing exercises, and not indulge in any intense workouts for at least three months.

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Experts say as COVID-19 weakens the organs and affects health overall, it is not advisable to get back to physical training immediately. “Intense physical activity of any kind is not recommended immediately after the patient recovers from COVID-19. The lungs that are recovering from the infection cannot keep pace if you immediately start intense physical activity. If the patient was suffering from severe COVID-19. There are chances that they might go into lung fibrosis and suffer complications”, said Vinay Shekar, head of general medicine, Gandhi Hospital, reported the Times of India. 

Breathing difficulties, body fatigue and chest discomfort are some of the symptoms patients experience after their recovery from COVID-19. Praneeth, a consultant cardiologist of Care Hospitals said, “While low-intensity activity like walking is reasonably okay for patients suffering from these symptoms, those who are planning to do a moderate to high-intensity activity must consult a cardiologist or a pulmonologist and get investigated before they move forward”.

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“Since a lot is still being learnt about COVID-19, it is not recommended to straight away go and do strenuous physical activity to avoid complications”, added Praneeth, reported the Times of India.