American model Gigi Hadid is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable stars millennials look up to, and almost everything she sports becomes popular among fans. One of such things Gigi has popularised definitely has to be freckles, and in recent times, it has become a fashion statement among many.

The playfulness and the effortless look that freckles bring in have made them so popular among the youth. The good news is, even if you do not have them, you can absolutely fake them without actually putting in much effort.

Here is how you can draw your own faux freckles:

Step 1: Choose a product

Eyebrow pencils are the best products you can find to create your faux freckles and achieve a natural look. However, your regular eyebrow pencil may not be the one, especially if you have pale skin, and may look too dark.

If you want tinier ones, use a pencil with a super fine tip, to achieve a precise look. For bigger ones, you can opt for something with a waxier formula, and with a bigger tip. 

Drawing faux freckles is also a genius way to hide your pimples! To draw freckles on your zit, first cover it with foundation and concealer. Then go about creating your regular look.

Step 2: Place those dots

Before you start dotting your face, always put on the desired makeup– be it light or heavy. Once you are done, start dotting your face but don’t be too careful as freckles don’t maintain a specific line. However, concentrate on the areas where the sun will hit naturally, like your cheekbones, nose and forehead. Diffuse the dots in an outward way, without being too symmetrical.

Step 3: Blend it away

Blending is the most important step while doing your makeup, and this holds true when you are creating faux freckles as well. Tap on the dots with your fingertips and blend those beauties away to achieve a natural look. You can always reapply the dots if you think some more pigment is needed.

At this point, you will be good to go hit the beach, or have fun with the ladies at a Sunday brunch. To make your newfound ‘freckles’ stay longer, dust some translucent powder after you are done with step three.