On a day-to-day basis, we kiss many people. Not always romantically, but kissing is also a form of showing affection for one person, expressing love. A mother kisses her baby, a father her daughter, a man his wife, and a woman his partner. People kiss for all reasons, to express love, to greet, to bid adieu, and most importantly, to feel good. Kissing symbolises a special bond between two people. 

Well, turns out there is a lot more to kissing than just expressing love. On International Kissing Day, we bring you some kissing facts, which you might have not heard.

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Kissing decreases stress

Ever wondered why sometimes just a kiss fixes it all? Well, it turns out kissing is effective in reducing stress. The activity releases endorphins and makes your mind relax. Kissing also releases serotonin, which is another feel-good chemical.

Burns calories

Believe it or not, kissing burns calories by enhancing metabolism rates. Simple kissing for a minute can burn 2-3 calories while passionate kissing for a minute can burn 5-26 calories. By increasing metabolism rate, kissing triggers your body to burn calories, so the longer you kiss, the more you burn calories. 

Glowing skin

When you kiss someone, the blood flow towards your face increases as there are a lot of facial muscles involved in the process. Thus, it helps tighten your cheeks in a perfect pucker shape and makes your skin glow. 

Healthy for teeth

When you kiss, your mouth produces saliva. So, the more you kiss, the more saliva is produced and we all know saliva acts as a protective shield for teeth and prevents plaque and bacteria formation. 

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Your Kissing style is as old as you

Ever wondered how you kiss and have you ever tried to change the way you kiss? Well, it turns that we can’t consciously decide which way we want to kiss as many researchers say our kissing style likely originates in the womb.