Like every year, 47 days before Easter, Pancake Day is celebrated.  This year, Pancake Day 2021 will be celebrated with the same enthusiasm on February 16. This is a tradition that has been going on since the 16th century and is celebrated in many countries across the world.

Pancake Day marks the beginning of Lent that is a 40-day phase, in which people abstain from rich foods. The idea of Pancake Day, therefore, is to use up all the food items that won’t be in use for the next 40 days.

The main ingredients that highlight the recipe of pancakes on Pancake Day are bananas and chocolate spread. As people binge eat pancakes on this day, many home-made pancakes are made from scratch.

So, give your pancake ready-made preservatives a break and make the pancake from fresh food items. Pancakes are the easiest thing to make. You just need to mix flour, eggs, skimmed milk, butter, and sugar in a bowl. Since chocolates and bananas are important ingredients of Pancake Day, add mashed bananas and melted chocolate into the batter as well.

Once the batter is prepared, add some oil to a hot pan and pour the batter on the pan. Flip and cook on both sides. In a few minutes, your pancake will be prepared.

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So now that your banana pancake recipe is here, what are you waiting for? Make yourself some yummy banana pancake as you prepare yourself for a period of abstinence.