Finding pet hair on the sofa, bed, clothes, and sometimes even in food is common for pet parents. Every dog at some point experiences hair shedding problems and most times it has nothing to do with their health and is due to unsuitable products or season. However, pet hair at every corner of the house can be unhygienic and sometimes an entry point for various diseases. 

Thus, it is important to tackle this problem and here are some simple cleansing and grooming everyday tips to help you get rid of the pet furs effectively.

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Understand pet hair

Before reading applying any method, the need is to have an understanding of your pet coat. Unlike human hair, animal fur stops growing as soon as it reaches a certain length and starts shedding to be replaced by new hair.

This shedding of hair can change between the seasons. Also, the need of your dog is also a determinant of the hair shedding process as some dogs leave more fur behind than their other counterparts.

Breeds like Golden Retrievers, German Shepherd,  Collies and Samoyeds lose more hair than other dogs.

How to control this hair loss

Groom your doggo regularly

Most pet parents make the mistake of choosing one or two days a month to groom their pets. Well, that’s the problem.

Grooming the dog regularly will avoid hair being deposited all over your home. Additionally, then you must groom it in the same area or spot, then clean it with slow vacuuming.

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Vacuum clean it in all directions

Pet furs stick badly on carpets, bedsheets and hardwood floors. Going about in the same direction with the vacuum on these surfaces will not give the desired result. Rather, push the cleaner in different directions multiple times. Chances are the vacuum would pick that usual.

Use vacuums with bristles

On some surfaces like a hardwood floor, furs get stuck adamantly and it is unable to peel it off with a normal broom or vacuum. This is when vacuums cleaners with nylon and carbon fiber bristles come into play.

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Vacuums with these bristles peel the furs off the floor.

Wash lines/sheets at 60 degrees

Washing blankets, cushions and sheets with pet furs or where your pet spends time at 60° will help to break down allergens and reduce the amount of microscopic dander that dust mites feed on. At the end of the wash, make sure you remove any pet hair out of the drum.