TV actress Malvi Malhotra came out the strong after a stabbing incident in October 2020 when a producer-stalker Yogesh Mahipal Singh attacked her with knife. In an interview with Opoyi, she speaks about how she is now more alert, brave and independent.

“This has made me very strong as a person because earlier I was not too alert when I used to go out, but now when I step out I am very careful that who is nearby by me, who is watching g me. I always carry paper spray with me. There are so many precautions that I take and this has made me a very strong person. I am now sure that if something happens with me again, I will be able to fight more strongly. That incident has made me very confident as a person and it told me how much pain and tolerance I have,” she said.

The 29-year-old was attacked when she was walking back home after her work meeting at a café in Seven Bungalows located in Andheri.

After this episode, a lot of people came forward to support her morally but the actor said that nothing has changed work-wise because when it comes to films, only your talent works not sympathy.

“I don’t think this incident will change anything professionally because in the end your talent matters. I need to work hard, go out, give auditions. Instead, people are saying how many scars you have, show your scars. This kind of attitude I am getting through people, which is very negative. So I say that it will go away very soon and I need to give time to my scars for atleast 6 months. It will be better with time, So yes few people are positive and few are haywire,” she said.

The actor is currently shooting for a Tamil-Telugu film apart from her web-series ‘Geisha’

Malvi also has a message for girls.

“They get scared when it comes to speaking up because they think about society will. They are purposely doing this because they are so much worried about other people so they don’t open up. They think that who will marry us, people will think so many bad things about us so I feel that they should be vocal about that. Girls need to change the attitude and stop thinking about society

“I will support those women who face such issues openly. If anything happens around me, I will stand by that person and support that person,” she said.

In some of the previous interviews, Malvi also spoke about how actor Kangana Ranaut never came forward to support her despite her claims on social media. When asked about that, she said, “I feel that I should tell people what happened to me so that they get the real truth. I am not talking against Kangana, I am talking in favor of Urmila Matondar ji. How she helped me and she never mentioned any kind of favour in front of media

“Kangana was vocal about help but never did anything. My main motive was that peoples should know the real faces of people,” she said.