India is undoubtedly attempting to be a more inclusive and comfortable space for the marginalised sections of society, especially the LGBTQIA+ community. However, we still need to make tremendous efforts in this direction to do away with the century-long stigma and stereotypes attached to the section. People even today, tend to ask some indecent and irrational questions to the LGBTQIA+ identifying individuals that can be hurting and inaccurate. This mostly happens due to a lack of awareness and knowledge about different sexualities.

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In this article, we will discuss some questions one should never ask someone who identifies themselves as an LGBTQIA+ person.

Who is the man/woman in the relationship to homosexuals?

People who have homosexual friends generally end up asking them as to who is the man/woman in the relationship. Asking this is not only wrong but defeats the entire idea of homosexuality. In any relationship, both partners share equal loads, responsibilities, and duties. Homosexual couples are no different.

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Asking questions like these not only reveals your lack of awareness about homosexuality but also how gender roles are deeply rooted in your mentality.

Do your parents know? Don’t they say anything?

We all know that Indian parents still have to go a long way towards accepting sexualities that they consider wrong or unnatural. While many people are genuinely concern about the well-being of their LGBTQIA+ peers, others are just curious. 

However, in any case, such a question should be avoided as asking these things can cause them to relive the traumatic experience they had gone through and might affect their mental health.

So you are open to both sides to bisexuals

People individuals often face this question, mostly by their own friends and family. However, bisexuality is a perfectly valid orientation on its own. This question is downright derogatory and shouldn’t be asked ever.

Were you hurt by a man to lesbians

It’s high time we accept that being a lesbian is a choice and one doesn’t have to necessarily be hurt or abused by a man to identify themselves as lesbians.

 The thought process that women can love other women only after being with a man is the problem.