It is no secret that a healthy gut makes a healthy body. While eating habits play a crucial role in  gut health, yoga is a great way of strengthening your gut and improving digestion. It calms the parasympathetic system and even increases the ability of food to move through the intestines.

Before popping an over-the-counter digestion pill, here are a few easy yet effective yoga asanas to incorporate into your daily routine.

1.     Ustrasana, or the camel pose: This pose stretches the abdomen and relieves constipation, while simultaneously aiding digestion. It is done by arching or bending one’s back and letting your hands touch the back of your feet. You will feel a satisfying stretch around your abdomen.

2.     Trikonasana, or the triangle pose: This pose activates the kidneys and energizes the digestive tract. To ace this pose, bend towards your side, while keeping your feet apart. Keep your arms in a straight line. Make sure you’re bending without slouching. Keep your chest wide open.

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3.     Paschimottasana, or the seated forward bend: It is done by sitting with your legs extended. Simply bend forward and extend your arms so they touch your feet. This asana is extremely beneficial for relieving gas and constipation.

4.     Pavanamuktasana, or the wind relieving pose: This pose might just be the quickest way to expel gas after a heavy meal. Simply lie on your back, then pull back your legs by wrapping your arms around them. This asana quickly relieves gas as well as strengthens muscles and removes belly fat.

5.     Uttanasana, or the standing forward bend: This asana is done by bending forward all the way, keeping your legs straight and letting your arms lie naturally around your feet. Uttanasana offers a great relaxing stretch to the lower back and hamstrings and improves digestion.

Make sure you take steady deep breaths while performing these asanas. Not only do they offer deep relaxation and stress relief, but also beat the antacid sitting in your medicine cabinet.

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