In a world of multi-billion dollar skincare brands that promise  you the skin texture of a porcelain doll and the glow of a 20- year-old, the one skincare product you can always avail for free is vitamin D. This is one of the countless benefits of the sun’s rays.

It is no secret that a day out in the sun is the perfect way to tan and glow, along with the right amount of SPF. But, apart from the obvious vitamin D, exposure to the sun is an incredible way of boosting your body’s immunity and energy levels. It is ideal to spend around 30 minutes in the sun every day for a healthy body and happy mind.

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Ever wonder why a sunny day  leaves you feeling good? Studies show that exposure to the sun can help boost mood and alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also help you sleep better and strengthen your bones.

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The best time for soaking in the sun is during the early mornings. Early morning sunlight gives you all the benefits, and no harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that are present during the late hours of the day.

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Lack of exposure to the sun  can cause weak bones, cognitive problems, and poor mental health. Excessive exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer, but healthy amounts of exposure is said to prevent pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, colon cancer and more.

You can get your daily dose of sun by spending the day out on your balcony, working out in a park, going for a run, or having a fun pool day with friends.