With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, face-masks have become an extended part of our physical self. The masks are vital in defending the spread of the virus and have been incorporated as a part of your everyday getup as people have come out with stylised masks for every occasion. 

However, prolonged usage of mask can lead to skin irritation, rashes  along with other undesirable conditions so it’s important to choose a fabric that’s suitable and comfortable for your skin. 

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Also, we have few tips on how to care for your skin even under a mask.

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Cleanse and moisturize your skin daily

Firstly, while washing your face, use a mild, fragrance-free cleanser. Avoid heavy-duty exfoliants or scrubs. Make sure to not over-cleanse as it may to dry skin. Twice a day seems fine. 

Heavy usage of masks can lead to dry skin, hence, it’s important to keep your skin hydrated. Right after cleaning your face apply a gel moisturizer and sunscreen. Make sure to wear the mask a few minutes after the application of the products, giving the skin time to absorb.

It will also help to reduce friction with the skin when you put on the mask and prevent skin irritation.

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Moisturize your lips

Along with the face, masks tend to dry up your lips too. To keep it hydrated, it’s best to use petroleum jelly products. 

Lips are to be moisturized every time after washing your face, before putting on the mask and definitely before going to sleep.

Avoid using heavy skincare products or foundation

Given the mask itself can block the facial pores, make sure to not couple it with heavy makeup or other sticky skincare products that themselves tend to clog pore as it might lead to breakouts in the skin. 

If foundation is a must, try to stick to lightweight options.

Wash your masks regularly 

It’s preferable to wash your mask every day after use as it cleans the oils and skin cells collected on the mask. Those if reintroduced on your skin might cause irritation. 

Also, stock up on a couple of masks and change if you’re outside and the one you are using gets wet from your sweat. 

Take a break from your mask, but only when possible 

If you have been using the mask for a prolonged period (say around 3 to 4 hours), it’s advised to take a brief 15-minute break maintaining all the safety standards. 

When you take your mask off, make sure you’re not out in the open, and even if you’re there’s a six feet gap between you and the next person.