Having a pet is not an easy job. Owners have to go through quite some trouble to take their pooch and cats out on long drives. Safety and comfort being the two major criteria – most new age cars and SUVs come with pet-friendly kits . In several countries, laws require dogs to be buckled in the seats using a seatbelt just like humans.

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Here is a guide that can help you make your vehicle pet-friendly:

Pet-friendly rear seat:

Whether it comes to pets or children, the rear seat is the safest in the vehicle. Placing your dog in the rear means it will be protected from airbags and will not distract the driver in the front. You can install a ventilated barrier or a net on either side of the second-row seats of the car to prevent the pet from jumping in the front.

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Install a harness that attaches to the seatbelt to slide down the windows without worrying about your pet jumping out of the vehicle. Make sure the leather seats in the car are waterproof and easy to clean fur shedding. Get a carrier for a small pet. 

Keep food handy:

Always keep some pet food in the vehicle. In case of an emergency or delay you pet might have to be fed or hydrated. It is necessary to keep water bowls handy. One can even buy car-friendly water bowls that don’t spill when the car is driving on bumpy surfaces.

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Pet crates:

You have a puppy? Well, then a seat belt might not work. Get a pet crate to ensure safety and comfort. These are portable, compact and lightweight kennel or shelter. Make sure you buy  crates of appropriate sizes.