Summer days call for easy and simple hairstyles. The debate of long versus short hair is always tricky in
the summer. On one hand, there’s the heat, which makes you want to chop
your hair off so your neck can breathe. On the other hand, a super-short cut,
especially when new, can sometimes be challenging to style.

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This year’s summer, the hair trends fall
in the not too crazy long, not too short, but a happy mid-length refresh.
Whether your hair is long, short, curly, or straight, there’s a hairstyle for

Below are some unique, easy-going, and
chic hairstyles you can try this summer to up your hairstyle game:

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1. Crown braids: 

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

  This style is one of the most versatile
hairstyles, running from incredibly intricate patterns to simple plaits. Braids
are also perfect for almost every occasion. The crown braid has become more and
more popular as a hairstyle for special occasions, like proms and weddings. That’s
because crown braids bring out your inner princess!

2. Curls: 

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

 The secret to making your curly locks look
beautiful lies in styling them right. Just by adding a couple of large curls,
you can create bounce and movement. You can also curl your hair by using curl-enhancing
creams rather than using heating products.

3. Bangs:

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

 This look has seen a massive revival in
recent months and is completely on-trend. Now more versatile than ever, bangs
deserve a spot in your summer hair rotation. Instead of trying to force bangs straight in summer, you can also allow them to stay curly.

4. Beach Bun:

(Photo credit:  Unsplash) 

 Beach bun is
perfect for days that are too hot for blow-drying. They are very  Ideal
for brunch, shopping, or a day at the beach. Naturally, they became
popular in 2020, and the trend is only growing for 2021. It’s also a
hairstyle that can make you look younger. 

5. Wavy Shag: 

(Photo credit: Unsplash) 

If you do one thing
with your hair this summer, keep it wavy. Summer is the perfect time to return
to what feels natural. The softer wave shape makes it incredible for many

6. Half bun:  

(Photo credit: Unsplash)

A half bun is one
of the easiest hairstyles to create and yet it’s still so stylish. This super
sleek version creates a fashion-forward look, but the style can also be created
with curly hair for a bohemian vibe.