Turmeric. A good old natural herb and spice that has several health benefits and thus is used for numerous purposes. People don’t only put turmeric in their food but they also use it as herbal medicine to make their skin happy and healthy. But what happens when the same turmeric, which is loved by almost everybody, turns out to be disastrous for your skin?

Lauren Rennie, a Scottish TikTok user, tried a homemade DIY turmeric face mask but did a mistake that resulted in a mishap. She added too much turmeric while making the mask. 

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Turns out, what she thought will help her heal the skin breakouts, stained her face to the extent that she looked more like a character from cartoon show ‘Simpsons’.

In a video posted on her TikTok account, Rennie told her 17,000 followers that her skin was breaking so much that it forced her to do research about how to get rid of the breakouts. The TikToker then came across the DIY turmeric mask, which she made in her kitchen and put on her face.

“I’ve just applied it to my face and my entire hand has turned yellow. When I take this off my face, I am going to resemble the moon,” she said in the video.

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Rennie added that after getting the colour of her face completely changed, she tried makeup to cover it, but that didn’t help either.

After some time, she posted an update on her TikTok saying, “I’ve scrubbed a little bit more, this is the best it’s going to get.” 

Well, Rennie did get a literal golden glow, which she hoped for metaphorically.