Most of us will agree that a clean and crisp bedsheet
makes the bed feel heavenly. The comfort and warmth of new and clean bed linen
after a long day of work is too sublime to express. On the other hand, making the
bed is time-consuming and it is difficult to change and wash our bed sheets daily. Most of us just manage to do it once a week, while some who have help may get it cleaned twice. But how often should we change our bedsheets?

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frequency to change or wash sheets

We all wash our bedsheets as per our comfort level but
experts recommend changing or washing them weekly. This is because our
bedsheets accumulate a lot of things you can’t see such as bacteria, dirt mites,
dead skin cells, and even fecal matter.

Delaying more than one week to change the sheet can lead
to skin problems, no matter how clean you keep your house.

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that indicate more frequent washing of your bedsheets:

While it is perfect to wash your sheets once a week,
there are situations when you might need to wash or change them more often.
Change your bed sheet twice a week if:

You have asthma, allergies or sensitivity to dust

You have an infection or lesion

You sweat excessively

You go to bed without bathing

You sleep naked

Your pet sleeps in your bed

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How to wash your bed sheet?

Wash your sheets and pillow covers separately from other
daily wear clothes.

Read the instructions on the label and wash your sheets

It is recommended to wash bed sheets in hot water as it
removes bacteria properly.

Wash your duvet cover once a month, comforters and
blankets every 2-3 months, and pillows every 4-6 months.

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Measures to keep your sheets clean between washings:

1. Always shower before going to bed

2. Avoid naps after a sweaty gym session

3. Always remove makeup before you go to sleep

4. Avoid eating in bed

5. Keep your pets off your sheets

6. Remove dirt from your feet before getting into bed

7. Avoid applying creams, lotions, or oils right before