“To keep the body in good health is a duty…otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.” This is what Gautama Buddha said thousands of years ago, but many of us still don’t take our wellness seriously. Just eating veggies and exercising a couple of times can’t make you healthy. The truth is, good health is complex, and we have to make small yet positive changes in our daily habits to achieve it.

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Here are a few lifestyle changes you can start with to lead a longer, fit and happy life:

Attain a good posture

With online studies and work from home, this generation is collectively hunching forward. Yes, we cannot return to the long-gone offline mode but we can try to be more conscious about our body posture. Whenever you sit, never leave a gap between your hips and the backrest of the chair. This habit will give you a good seated posture and you’ll instantly feel better.

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Stay away from sugar

Sugar is the worst enemy of any organism. It increases the risk of chronic heart diseases, diabetes and auto-immune disorders. This ultimate temptation is the addiction we ignore. Make a habit of not putting sugar at least in your morning coffee or tea. You can slowly expand this in your following drinks and meals. 

Follow the social media accounts that make you happy

Mental health is important to address. In the times when most people across the world are on the internet, it becomes crucial for us to choose who we want to be in contact with digitally. If you do not like a page, just unfollow it and let it pass. It is okay to be unaware of the controversies on these platforms.

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Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables

Seasonal fruits and veggies are locally produced in your area at a particular time of the year. They tend to be fresher, tastier, healthier and full of nutrients. As the produce is seasonal, it comes in less contact with harmful chemicals, including preservatives and pesticides. Plus exploring new foods makes you feel happy and fulfilled.

Take mini-breaks

Sitting in one place for hours is not considered a healthy habit. It is always better to engage yourself in some kind of physical activity every half an hour. You can do some squats, walk, perform yoga asanas, dance or even stretch a little. A five-minute break can help you regain focus, energy and lost productivity.

A happy World Health Day!