As we move closer to completing a year in the COVID-19 struck
lockdown world, many aspects of our lives remain changed. Staying indoors at
all times has proven to be difficult for many people.

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Especially people who
suffer from sleep disorders thrived on exerting themselves outdoors, exhausting
themselves so that when its finally time to sleep, there is no room left for
scrolling through social media because sleep won’t come to them.

But lockdown has forced people to find different alternatives
to keep themselves engaged through the day. With a surge in making mug cakes
and dalgona coffee at home, this World Sleep Day you can also try out some Yoga
Asanas which may help you sleep better.   

Yoga is a spiritual discipline practised by many to re-centre
themselves and bring harmony to the mind and body. There are some exercises you could
try to improve your sleep cycles.

According to an article published by Harvard Medical School,
it is advised to practice the yoga asanas for 3-5 minutes each, ideally on a
yoga mat.

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Here’s a list of five Yoga Asanas to try:

(1)Uttanasana, the Standing Forwards Bend

The purpose of this asana is to stretch the
spine while relaxing your shoulders and neck.

Stand with your knees in line with your hips, take
a deep breath, and bend forward. Bend as low as your body allows. If your hands
do not reach the floor, rest them on your shin or hold on to your elbows.

Continue to breathe slowly while you are stretching.
Slowly roll up while coming up to avoid feeling lightheaded.

(2)Ardha Uttanasana, the Standing Half Forward
Bend Position

Placing your mat perpendicular to the edge of
the wall, position yourself one foot away from the wall. Your feet should be
parallel to the edge of the mat at hips width distance. 

Pressing your palms flat on the wall, bend down
to the height of your hips till your back is perpendicular to the floor. Press your
palms into the wall while elongating your back and continue to breathe while
you do so.

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(3)Balasana, the Wide-Knee Child’s Position

Kneel on the yoga mat while you bring your
knees, toes, and feet together. Bend forward and let your torso rest on your
thighs as you place your forehead on the floor. Relax your arms on both sides,
palms facing the roof. Continue slow breathing in this position and moving your
head from side to side gently.

People are advised to be careful if they suffer
from any knee or hip injuries.

(4)Viparita Karani, the Legs Up The Wall Position

This asana helps in improving blood circulation.
Place your mat perpendicular to the wall. You have to place your legs up the
wall so that they are perpendicular. Place your hips as close to the edge of
the wall as possible. Relax both your arms on your sides and gently breathe.