Don't step out, stay locked in and avoid any outside contact are some of the "sure shot" precautions against the deadly Covid-19 virus, as suggested by some experts but some with absolutely no contact from the outside world are getting infected too, a latest report has suggested.

Your bathroom, as per the report, could be a major source of transmission. “Toilets are at highest risk and poorly ventilated places too,” said health experts when asked how people are contracting COVID-19 despite locking themselves inside homes. Talking to NDTV, some of the senior doctors of India have said that the virus is now airborne and is infecting others in a family or people living in the same building when one person is infected.

“One reason could be that your bathroom sewage pipe can actually be faulty,” stated the report by NDTV.

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The report also quotes one such case from SARS 2003 coronavirus outbreak, when two elderly people contracted in the same way despite living on separate floors in the same apartment complex.

“In Hong Kong two residents living on two different floors in a high-rise apartment got infected. This is in a state of absolute lockdown really. The first was a 75 –year- man and 10 days later a 62-year-old woman in the same building got it and soon her family got infected as well. For this reason, the health authorities conducted initial interrogation and evacuated all residents living directly above or below any of their blocks or floors because they felt their toilets and vent pipes, they were all connected,” the report said.

This, according to the health officials in Hong Kong and China, might be happening especially for those living in apartment complexes, the report said.

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The experts drew a comparison from the 2003 SARS coronavirus outbreak where this was discovered to be a major source of transmission.

“In fact it was also in Hong Kong that more than 300 infections and 42 deaths occurred after poorly designed plumbing allowed the SARS virus to spread throughout the building complex. During the same 2003 SAARC crisis, it was found that U-shaped pipes draped connecting to the floors drains, were empty of water and that allowed droplets containing the virus to come down from pipes to the apartments and to collect in that U shape bent. Nothing stops the virus to enter the bathroom thereafter,” the report further stated.

Another possibility, according to experts, is that infected waste could have trickled down the pipe and entered the room via one of the broken vents in the second patient's bathroom a well.

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An extra precautionary step

Maintain bathroom switch pipes by regularly pouring water into your drain and also put the toilet lid down before flushing.

The COVID-19 pandemic has so far claimed 3,198,528 lives across the world. In India, the second wave of the viral infection is far worse than any other country with over 350,000 cases being reported in the last few days.