Netflix released its much-anticipated show Lucifer’s, final and sixth season on Friday. Tom Ellis and Lauren German will return to the show in the lead roles. The sixth season will revolve around Lucifer Morningstar’s (Tom Ellis) last night on Earth. Here’s a quick recap of Netflix’s hit show.

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Before the release of the final season of Lucifer, Netflix released the opening scene of the season premiere. The post was captioned, “The final season of Lucifer premieres in 12 hours! But you don't have to wait to watch the opening scene from the season premiere!”

One of the most memorable scenes in the previous season was when Lucifer was declared as the 'God' when he cut off his twin brother Michael’s wings with the ‘Flaming Sword’.

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One of the emotional scenes in the Netflix series was when Lucifer confessed his feelings for Chloe (Lauren German) when he gave her the ring and said, “I choose you, Chloe...because I love you.”

Another memorable scene from the show was when Lucifer was banished by his father and he opened a nightclub in Los Angeles.

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In season 5, ‘God’ (Dennis Haysbert) came down to Earth to spend some quality time with his children. During his stay on Earth, ‘God’ retired, leaving his children to fight for the throne.

Goddess Charlotte Richards (Tricia Heifer), Lucifer’s mother followed ‘God’ to earth to avenge herself after she was sent to hell. 

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The final and sixth season of Lucifer was released on Friday, September 10, 2021, at 12 am  Pacific Time (PT) and 3 am  Eastern Time (ET). In India, all ten episodes of Lucifer have been released on Netflix at 12:30 pm IST.