Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan announced this Wednesday that the Madhya Pradesh government will be procuring free of cost Remdesivir injections for the critical COVID-19 patients, belonging to the economically weaker section. 

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Remdesivir is an anti-viral drug considered especially critical in adult patients with severe complications. 

In regards to the rapidly increasing COVID cases, Chauhan assured that the state will be taking measures to handle the situation. The government will also be setting up COVID-19 care centres in every district so that people with a smaller residence can safely quarantine there. 

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He also said private hospitals will need to put up the rates of tests and treatment outside their facilities.

As part of the protocol, doctors should determine which patient needs the Remdesivir injection, he said.

"This injection (Remdesivir) should be administered whenever necessary. I directed the officials to procure this injection at the government-level to deal with its shortage, so that the poor and middle-class people can be provided the injection free of cost," he said.

During the speech, he admits that the Remdesivir injections are being administered in several places without any need.  

Reassuring people he adds that the lockdown is the last solution and before resorting to it, all other steps would be taken.