A Sprint Nationals Speedboat Race was held in Marine Stadium on Sunday, August 8. During the speedboat racing competition, a racer was ejected at 110 mph and severely hurt. His ship aired and flipped over. The 30 years old was severely injured after being ejected from the cockpit.   

The Chairman of Southern California Speedboat Club who hosts these kinds of events mentioned that one speedboat clashed with the rough water and collided with another boat. Brian Fisk, a spokesperson of the Long Beach Fire Department said that the crash occurred at 12:53 pm during a one-on-one race.

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As per Wallac, the injured racer was fired from the boat when it ejected .He further added that the racer was guilty shortly after the incident. Fisk told that the injured  was immediately taken to the trauma center with a potentially life-threatening injury.

Wallac did kept the patient’s identity hidden but explained that he was an acquaintance of the person who was competing at the time of the mishappening. The hospitalised athlete, he added, is an experienced driver and a well-respected competitor in his class.

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“But neither did anything to cause this,” Wallac said after examining the footage of the crash. “And (the injured man) is a skilled racer, but when the boat rolled, he was basically a passenger at that point.”

According to Wallac, Sunday's collision was at least the second to occur during the Sprint National this year. Another participant was thrown out of the boat during the race on Saturday, hurting his shoulder. A competitor died two years ago after being wounded in an accident during the race.