As a profound timely gesture to celebrate Indian frontline workers’ relentless service during the pandemic, Marriott International has risen to the occasion with its healthy meal delivery programme through Marriott Bonvoy on Wheels. Nutritious, hot vegetarian meals for over 15,000 frontline workers and medical professionals are being smoothly delivered since May 31st in an on-going programme effective till June 6th, 2021 across 6 cities including Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Delhi.

From the day, the 125 hotels-strong Marriott India launched this massive drive providing delicious,fresh meals for Covid warriors, the programme is receiving wide appreciation from authorities, recipients and frontline workers across the 23 major Covid centres and hospitals that have been covered. Dr Yusuf Khan, Asst Medical Officer from Vanita Samaj Covid Centre, Mumbai, a frontline warrior added with a sense of relief, “It feels great to receive a ‘home cooked’meal like this. Brings a smile to our faces especially when the day is almost always filled with gloom and despair. We feel appreciated and it makes the fight that much worth it. When you know that someone is thinking of you and feels a sense of gratitude at your efforts it makes us want to beat this pandemic with even more determination. A huge thank you to Marriott for making our day.” Maintaining strict hygiene standards and high nutritional value, these cooked meals are prepared and delivered through compact meal boxes, retaining the warmth and goodness of packed Indian vegetable curries with pulao, rotis and a sweet dish on the side.

According to Neeraj Govil, Sr. Vice President- Operations, Asia Pacific (excluding Greater China), Marriott International, “Marriott International has always been a brand that believes and practices social responsibility in all aspects of its business. This is our way of spotlighting the efforts of all frontline workers, to thank them for their dedicated and selfless service.” Marriott International has been leading the fight against Covid with its carefully planned food programmes. In the same vein, Neeraj added, “The Spirit to Serve the community has been entrenched in our DNA and cultural fabric even before the pandemic hence this was the time for us to come out in full force and exhibit this ethos. The meals are prepared keeping in mind all health requirements so that we can ensure they are fresh, nutritious and balanced. This humanitarian crisis is colossal, and it is our promise to collectively mobilise all our efforts to ensure that we can make a difference to the community. As a hospitality major, we recognize that whilst commercial gains are critical to business continuity and we are confident travel will return,this is the time to show your force in a different way and we shall continue to do so until we combat this as a country.” PWR PWR