Tesla founder and world’s richest person Elon Musk, who moves markets solely by his tweets, failed to turn tables with an Indian American student Randeep Hothi, who filed a defamation lawsuit against the Tesla CEO.

In a shocking turn of events, the Tesla owner was unable to stay Hothi’s claim against self after a Californian judge dismissed Elon's pleas calling the defamation suit 'baseless and an attempt to curb billionaire’s freedom of speech.'

Randip Hothi, an Indian-American student and an eloquent critic of Elon Musk's owned Tesla, is a PhD candidate in Asian languages and cultures at the University of Michigan.

Hothi, who uses micro-blogging site Twitter under the name @skabooshka, describes himself as an individual investigating on corporate fraud and currently focusing on Tesla. 

The Tesla critic also claims to be an ardent follower of Sikh studies.


TSLAQ a loose anonymous international group, that Randeep Hothi is a member of, consisting of of Tesla critics including former employees, heavily active on Twitter in criticizing and trolling the auto company. 

Hothi operated in the group under the handle named ‘@skabooshka’ until 2018 when he and his brother were revealed by another anonymous social media user.

According to Bloomberg, Hothi’s friction with Elon Musk began in February 2019 when the former tried to visit Tesla's Fremont centre in California in and was stopped by the security guard. Hothi later claimed to be at the center for research purposes but was sent back by the guards.

The second clash took place in the April of the same year when he took images of a Tesla test car while driving and posted them online alleging that the car followed him without authorization, a claim called out as baseless by Tesla owner Musk, who then went on to call Hothi a "liar" and accused him of nearly killing Tesla employees.

Following Musk’s remarks against himself after the April incident, Hothi filed a defamation lawsuit in August in Alameda County Superior Cour against the Tesla CEO accusing him of sparking an online hate campaign against Hothi.

The case is now being tried and court and is believed to be inclined in Hothi's favour, who is so far, one up Elon Musk.

However, Tesla has not yet responded in the matter related to Randeep Hothi or the ongoing defamation suit.