US President Joe Biden on Friday proposed a $6 million budget plan that would ramp up spending on infrastructure, education, and combating climate change. The first comprehensive budget offered by the Biden administration faced strong opposition from Republican lawmakers.

Although the plans drew praise from Democrats, it was criticised by the Republicans, who blasted the proposed higher debt levels. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he is “100%” focused “on stopping” President Joe Biden’s administration.

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"The Administration’s counterproductive ‘COVID relief bill’ has slowed rehiring. Families are facing painful inflation. And the Administration wants to triple down on the same mistakes?" McConnell tweeted.

Earlier on Friday, Biden spoke about the country’s economy and how it is rebounding from the pandemic and the jobs government has created in the last three months.  

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When Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell were in the Senate, they maintained a strong working relationship that survived some of the most partisan legislative fights in decades. But with Biden as President of the United States, they face a new test.

McConnell announced his opposition to the bill last week, alongside other GOP lawmakers. McConnell said the bill was "a purely political exercise."