Over 200 rockets fired at Israel in retaliation for Gaza strikes, says Hamas. The rockets have been fired towards an enclave of Gaza which has been blocked by Israeli authorities. 

The statement given by the armed branch of Hamas, further elaborated their plan to retaliate against the strikes conducted by Israel. It said that the militant organisation was in the process of firing 100 rockets in the Beersheva area and 110 towards Tel Aviv, reported AFP.

The statement clarified that the steps have been taken "as reprisal for the restarting of strikes against civilian homes".

Just hours before the announcement, Hamas initiated a similar attack, which consisted of a projectile load of 130 rockets inbound Tel Aviv, a prominent city in Israel.

The sharp escalation, triggered by violence in Jerusalem, has killed at least 32 Palestinians in the blockaded Gaza Strip and three Israelis and wounded hundreds more.

The exchange of heavy fire between the two parties has resulted in multiple fatalities, including at least three Israelis and 32 people from Palestine. The tally of the wounded has grown multifold in the past hours.