Indore, Sep 12 (PTI) A 26-year-old IT professional whose liver and heart were on the wrong side, a condition called 'situs invertus totalis', was operated upon in a hospital in Indore in Madhya Pradesh so that he could donate an organ to his father.

Doctors at Choithram Hospital said the surgery conducted on Prakhar Kaushal on August 28 was rare as this condition is found in one out of 10,000 people.

"The liver is usually found on the right side, but due to a congenital condition, it was on the left side for Prakhar. A team of four doctors performed the surgery, which if not done in time, could have caused danger to the life of the recipient," said the hospital's organ transplant surgeon Dr Sudesh Sharda.

Only five such transplants had been performed in the world. Sharda claimed, adding that Prakhar had been discharged while his father would also follow suit soon.

The liver donation had to be done as Prakhar's 59-year-old father was suffering from liver cirrhosis, doctors said.