Mahendra Singh Dhoni, former captain of the Indian Cricket team, won the 'ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the Decade' on Monday. The ICC awards of the decade recognise and felicitate a few of the best players in the sport of Cricket based on the polls which are open to everyone. More than 5.3 million votes were cast for the awards of this decade.

The former cricketer was honoured with the award because of a gesture made by him in 2011. During a Test Match in Nottingham in 2011, called Ian Bell back from the pavilion after an unusual run-out. It is being called one of the most heartwarming gestures of the decade. 

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In the last delivery before the break, Morgan flicked the ball towards the deep square leg where Praveen Kumar managed to stop the ball from hitting the boundary and tumbled over it. However, the batsmen were unaware of this and assumed they had already scored four runs after which, they started walking off the field for Tea. 

After the break ended, it was announced that MS Dhoni had retracted the run-out appeal which enabled Ian Bell to return to the crease who was earlier dismissed in bad faith. 

ICC also designs the ODI team of the decade with the best players in the sport around the world. In addition to MS Dhoni, two other players from India are on the team. This makes India the most represented team in the ICC's playing eleven. 

The two other players to be nominated for the team are Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma.