Devastating floods and mudslides hit northern Italy on Tuesday, forcing evacuations. Among those caught up in the floods were Hollywood actor George Clooney, his wife Amal and their children, who were vacationing at their holiday home in Lake Como.

Over 60 people were rescued towns surrounding Lake Como were flooded following 72 hours of torrential downpour. The road outside the actor's 18th-century Villa became a river after rains led to streams bursting their banks. Fortunately, the actor and his family were not injured and there was no damage. 

Speaking to Italian media, Clooney said, "It’s so much worse than anybody thinks. We were in Cernobbio and it was very bad. But here in Laglio it’s much worse. "

"They think it could be years and millions of dollars before they fix it up. This town has been here forever, it’s going to continue and it’s going to be stronger and come back better, this is a very resilient town," he said. 

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Meanwhile, Mayor Roberto Pozzi said he had to order an evacuation after four houses close to the actor's villa were destroyed in the flood.

"We had three days of continuous rain and then all hell broke loose and we were flooded with an amazing wall of water and debris from the mountain. It is a disaster zone - four houses have been destroyed and those families are being given alternative accommodation," he told local media. 

"The noise and the strength of the water were amazing - I have never seen anything like it. This will take many days to clear up. George and his family are here and the road near their house is impassable in places but they are safe and there was no damage to their property," he added. 

In February last year, Clooney's £12million Berkshire mansion was engulfed by the River Thames after it burst its banks.