The 45-year-old Indian recently freed from death row in the UAE after an NRI businessman paid "blood money" arrived here on Wednesday and said his release was a "second life" for him.

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Becks Krishnan, who was on death row in the United Arab Emirates for killing a young Sudanese boy in a road accident in 2012, was freed after prominent NRI businessman and philanthropist MA Yusuff Ali helped pay his "blood money" amounting to nearly Rs 1 crore.

The Thrissur resident arrived at the international airport here early on Wednesday morning from Abu Dhabi.

His wife Veena and son Advaith, along with other relatives and friends, received him at the airport.

"I was relieved when I heard that Yusuff Alihad intervened...This is my second life.

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I am thankful to Yusuff Ali. He was holding discussions with the victim's family for many months," Krishnan told the media.

Meanwhile, Ali in a statement, said he had deposited 500,000 Dirhams in January at the Abu Dhabi court after convincing the Sudani boy's family to pardon Krishnan.

"We had to convince both the parents and the negotiations went on for several months.

It was difficult initially because the boy's mother wanted the law to take its own course.

Convincing them to pardon Krishnan was the difficult part," Ali said in a statement.

Krishnan was sentenced to death by the UAE Supreme Court after he was found guilty of killing a young Sudanese boy when he recklessly drove and rammed his car into a group of children in September 2012.

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Ever since, his family and friends had been trying hard for Krishnan's release without any success, especially as the victim's family had already gone back and settled in Sudan, putting an end to any discussion or pardon.

The Krishnan family then approached Yusuffali, Chairman of the Lulu Group, who went about getting the details of the case and got in touch with all stakeholders.

Ultimately in January 2021, the victim's family in Sudan agreed to pardon Krishnan.

Subsequently, Yusuffali paid 500,000 Dirhams (Rs 1 crore approximately) as compensation in the court to secure the man's release.

Abu Dhabi-based Lulu Group that owns Lulu Hypermarkets and shopping malls, is one of the top retailers in the Middle East and North African region (MENA).