Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, appointed Republican Representative Liz Cheney to the new January 6 select committee that will investigate the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, she announced on Thursday. With this step, Nancy Pelosi has placed former president Donald Trump's vocal critic on the panel to investigate his role in the Capitol riots.

"We are very honoured and proud she (Liz Cheney) has agreed to serve on the committee," Nancy Pelosi said on Thursday.

Liz Cheney, in a statement, said, "I'm honoured to have been named to serve on the January 6th select committee. Congress is obligated to conduct a full investigation of the most serious attack on our Capitol since 1814. That day saw the most sacred space in our Republic overrun by an angry and violent mob attempting to stop the counting of electoral votes and threatening the peaceful transfer of power."

"Those who are responsible for the attack need to be held accountable and this select committee will fulfil that responsibility in a professional, expeditious, and non-partisan manner," she added.

The committee that has already been investigating January 6 riots, will be chaired by Mississippi Democrat Bennie Thompson, who is chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Liz Cheney's appointment comes after she was removed from the GOP House leadership after the Republicans voted to impeach Donald Trump. The Republican has time and again criticised Donald Trump for his lies about last year's presidential elections being rigged and stolen from him.

Hours before she was appointed, she gave a statement saying, "I've said before that a bipartisan independent commission would've been the best way to investigate the Jan 6th attack. That effort was unfortunately blocked. A select committee is now the only remaining option. I will vote to support it."

This week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy issued a warning for Republicans not to accept an appointment from Nancy Pelosi. This came as an effort to push Liz Cheney out of House leadership.