In the 69th edition of his radio programme 'Mann Ki Baat' on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke about the 'art of storytelling' which has been a part of our nation for centuries.

He interacted with several storytellers from all across the country who are doing a commendable job in the field.

"I have observed that many people are doing an excellent job to promote the art of storytelling. I got information about, a website run by Amar Vyas and others", said Modi.

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He also spoke to the members of Bangalore Story-telling Society, including Aparna Athare, a body of Storytellers who according to them "have come together under a common umbrella for the purpose of learning, nurturing, reviving, training and popularizing storytelling."

"In India, there has been a rich tradition of storytelling. We're proud to be denizens of land that nurtured the tradition of Hitopadesha & Panch Tantra," Modi added.

Prime minister also referred to the 'Nutrition Month', held in September, in appreciation of story on food and Krishnadevaraya narrated by Bangalore Storytelling Society on air.

Concluding the segment, Modi said, "Choose a day of the week to tell stories in our house. I would even suggest to pick up a person each week who will tell a story."