Stress- the word may seem small, but it’s effects on our lives can be enormous. Fast paced life and unhealthy lifestyle are becoming major contributors to stress.

Chronic, or long term stress can lead to depression and other chronic ailments. That’s why it’s important to manage stress properly. Doctors suggest various effective ways to deal with it.

There can be various sources and causes of stress. Therefore ,First step towards managing it can be identifying the causes. Rectifying the major sources of stress can be helpful up to an extent.

Our sleep cycle definitely plays an important role. The COVID times have disrupted our sleeping style. It’s necessary for adults to get 7-9 hours of sleep, while it must be 10 hours or more for children.

Exercising daily helps to keep a balance between mind and body. Researchers say those who exercise daily, can easily manage any kind of stress.

Having a proper daily routine is necessary . one must learn to prioritize his/her tasks. The tasks which overstretch us should be avoided. 

Positive thinking, reading habits, practising meditation and yoga and indulging in hobbies seems to have a great effect. We can build a social support network where we can talk to people regularly and spending time with loved ones is also helpful. 

If one is unable to cope, they should talk to mental health professionals. Practicing all these strategies can help people to get over stress.