Former US President Donald Trump, who has been attempting to hold on to his tax records from being released to any law enforcement authorities, was overpowered by a New York District Attorney on Thursday, according to US media reports. 

According to the spokesperson of Cyrus Vance, the district attorney, the prosecutors got a hold of the documents on Monday after a failed last-minute attempt of Trump to conceal the records, reported CNN. 

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The acquired documents are likely to consist of Trump's business's financial details like tax returns, financial statements, communication statements, agreements on engagements and other contracts.

Vance, who began investigating the former President in 2018 by tracking the expenditure in the 2016 Presidential race, has often reiterated that his findings can reveal possible instances of tax evasion and fraud, tax write-offs, fake valuation of the organisation's assets and any other possible intent of criminal intent. 

According to a report by ABC News, the matter was whether the Trump Corporation artificially boosted the value of the former president's properties to get the best possible loans.

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Vance has issued a statement in response to the court's Monday move, saying, "The work continues."

'Ladder Capital', a US-based real estate investment organisation, has come under the scanner of the prosecutors as it loaned a sum of $100 million to Trump Organisation.