The Union Government on Monday claimed that there there was no "shortage" of oxygen in the country, asking states and hospitals to use the gas "judiciously".

Additional Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Piyush Goyal told reporters that multiple efforts were being undertaken to enhance production and quickly transport oxygen to the hospitals and patients.

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This comes as the country is battling the deadliest second wave of coronavirus pandemic, reporting over 3 lakh cases everyday. Hospitals in the national capital have reported oxygen shortage and over 30 people died due to the shortage in three hospitals in Delhi.

"It is very important for all the hospitals that they ensure judicious use of oxygen as per the guidelines issued in this context by the Union Health Ministry. Many efforts are being undertaken in this context and we are getting positive results also." "We need to continuously monitor this so that very judicious use of oxygen is undertaken," Goyal said.

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He appealed to the citizens to not get "jittery about the lack of oxygen in the country." "Oxygen is available in adequate quantity in the country and efforts are being made to transport it to hospitals in the shortest possible time." "If we undertake this battle together, I have no doubt that we will be victorious," the officer said.