Niece of Kamala Harris, Meena Harris, has been cautioned by the White House that she cannot use her aunt's name for personal branding anymore, Los Angeles Times reported. Over the last few years, Meenakshi Ashley Harris, popularly known as Meena Harris, had been using her aunt's political positioning and ancestral lineage to promote her brand that makes T-shirts with socially aware messages.

However, with Kamala Harris becoming the Vice President, the ethicalities of using her name to promote a personal business have been a concern in the White House. Thus, she has been issued a reminder by the White House stating that her behavior needs to change.

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Meena had printed slogans on T-shirts like "Vice President Aunty" and Kamala Harris-themed swimwear. She had also made videos and published books around the same themes. The legal team of the White House had briefed Meena Harris about the ethical concerns around the matter.

Under the current White House rules, making these products under the name of a top official was not allowed. She was reminded to change her behavior. Despite that, she flew to the inauguration in a private plane with Biden's donor and posted a picture of the same on Instagram. The White House is scared that her action will bring unwanted scrutiny to the Vice President.

Meena is now also a prominent person on Twitter with a massive reach. Her Twitter account has 689.8k followers. She is also very vocal about many socio-political issues mainly centering in India or the US. Meena Harris had also come out strongly in support of the farmers' protest after the Republic Day chaos.

Meena is the founder of the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign that promotes women empowerment and activism.