Kristen Welker became the first black woman in three decades to moderate a presidential debate, as the final one of its kind between democratic challenger Joe Biden and President Donald Trump kicked off on Thursday. The NBC News' White House correspondent was praised by experts as well as the public, as she maintained her stance throughout the debate, which was a lot calmer than its previous one. 

Welker not only earned praise from experts, but also from Trump himself while the debate was still on.

This is how Twitter reacted to the work of the moderator, who became NBC's White House Correspondent in December 2011.

".@kwelkernbc, take a bow. Because of you, the American public won after tonight’s debate," CBS correspondent Weijia Jiang tweeted.

Some users crowned her the 'Queen' of the debate.

" It’s extremely embarrassing for everyone who tried, unfairly, to discredit her that @kwelkernbc is by far the best debate moderator of the 2020 cycle," another user tweeted.