Anand Mahindra, a businessman, routinely receives a lot of attention on social media for his tweets. He never stops providing insightful life lessons and funny one-liners to his followers.

Recently, the industrialist responded to a user on Monday who doubted his background, and that message has since gone viral.

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On Monday, Mahindra left a comment on an image of a young woman reading a book while sitting next to a forest.

Abhishek Dubey, a Twitter user, posted the image.

The caption read -“Today I was on a trip in the Staun area of Himachal, I was surprised to see this little girl sitting all alone studying writing notes, I cannot express how amazed I felt seeing the concentration she had in books. Brilliant.”

The industrialist was impressed by the young woman’s passion and wrote in his post, “Beautiful work, Abhishek. My #MondayMotivation is her.”

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Similar to his previous posts, this particular remark soon gained popularity as people have been discussing how powerful the image was. However, a user asked Mr Mahindra a question. Viabhav SD queried, “Sir, may I know your qualifications?”

Mr Mahindra replied in a way that became viral online. The 67-year-old stated, “Frankly, at my age, the only qualification of any merit is experience.”

Mr Mahindra’s post has received more than 3,800 likes and nearly 100 retweets since it was shared a few hours ago.

One user said, “Experience is bigger than any degree.” 

“Experience is invaluable! not like a college degree, which is now a commodity! “another said.

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One of the key drivers of the nation’s economic development is the Indian automotive and manufacturing industry. Anand Mahindra’s name is now one to be reckoned with among the top names in the Indian auto industry. He serves as the company’s chairman and managing director. Mahindra and Mahindra is the biggest automobile manufacturer in India. Anand is one of the individuals who have contributed to the growth of the nation’s startup sector.