Bangalore University appears to be making headlines for all the wrong reasons, owing to an evaluation glitch in answer scripts that resulted in students receiving more than the total marks. Is it possible for a candidate to get 89 out of 70 on an exam? In Bangalore University, the answer appears to be yes. Many students were surprised to learn that they received more marks than the total in the BCom results released on Monday.

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BA/BCom students at the university who had chosen the topic Tourism Agency and Tour Operator Organizations found themselves in an unusual circumstance. “Some of my friends have scored 89, 73, 75,” claimed one student who received a 76 on the exam. This demonstrates a lack of quality in the review of student answer scripts.”

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According to officials, approximately 500 pupils chose the topic, and the exam took place in August 2021 for 70 marks. According to a source, the revised syllabus and marking scheme was implemented in 2015-16. Previously, the tests were graded on a 100-point scale.

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Students who entered after 2015-16 were expected to answer questions up to 70 marks, but they sought to answer more questions. Because digital valuation is in place, no one paid attention, and the findings have now embarrassed the university.

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Professor J T Deveraju, Registrar (evaluation), told The Indian Express that the results had been removed and will be revealed soon. “About 15 students have achieved higher than 70.” Because it was a digital review and tabulation, the concerned individual was unaware of this. The marks will be recalculated, and new results will be issued. We will notify the head of the Board of Evaluation in order to determine what went wrong.”