A harsh boss has garnered outrage on social media after his employee revealed that he charges $5 a month for workers to quench their thirst at the office’s water cooler. 

Uploading a picture on social media, the employee shared a printed note of instructions attached to the water cooler. 

“Hello water drinker. If you would like to enjoy this delicious POLAND SPRING WATER please see Sandra or Michelle to get signed up for the very cool WATER CLUB. This water ain’t free yo. Members are currently enjoying unlimited refills for $5 per month,” reads the note. 

Uploaded on Reddit by a user named Remy Brady, the post has amassed over 73,000 upvotes and several comments on the platform. 

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The bizarre rule has appalled many, including those who are aware of the fact that employers in the United Kingdom are mandated to provide an adequate amount of clean and safe drinking water to the workers, under the Workplace (Health, Safety, and Welfare) Regulations 1992. 

Reacting to the post, one user quipped, “For $60 a year that water would better cure cancer.”

Another user added, “FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH!? I could literally buy multiple cases of water at Costco for five dollars and still be ahead.”

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Others users shared their own ‘Horrible Bosses’ anecdotes. 

 “So at the school I used to work at we had a water club because the tap water sucked,” one user shared.

“We get a new superintendent who decides (in what was basically the one and only cool thing he did as superintendent) that he would just cover the cost of water. This led to the discovery that the school secretary had been lying about how much water cost, overcharging everyone, and pocketing the difference,” he added. 

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“THAT led to the discovery that she had been skimming money from about a dozen other sources around the school too – all to feed her massive gambling addiction!” the user narrated.