Even the most powerful animals find it difficult to survive in a wilderness teeming with fierce predators ready to strike at any moment. In a recent video, a lion stranded on a dead hippo was besieged by ravenous crocodiles and had to discover a way out of the position.

Antony Pesi recorded the footage on May 23 in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, which was released to YouTube by Compass Media. The caption stated, “Lion stuck on hippo runs through 40 crocodiles to escape.”

A hippo carcass is seen floating on the water in the video, with a lion standing on top of it. The lake is infected with roughly 40 crocodiles that have surrounded the stranded lion as the camera pans.

While the lion may have gone to eat the hippo, he now finds himself surrounded by dangerous reptiles. The lion appears to be trapped atop the carcass, only a few metres away from the crocodiles’ jaws. He tries to get away from the hippo and approaches the carnivores, but this makes them more hostile.

The lion suddenly summons the bravery to leap into the water, despite the fact that the crocodiles are still on the verge of attacking him. He eventually makes it across the lake and out alive.

The unscripted feat of nature quickly went viral, delighting viewers. YouTube fans quickly flocked to the comment area to express their amusement. One person said it was the lion’s fortunate day, while another couldn’t get enough of the video and added, “Amazing footage.”

In another YouTube video, a lion is seen using the body of a dead hippo as a life raft to keep afloat in the middle of a fast-flowing stream.

While the waves rage around him, the lion takes refuge on the carcass and attempts to flee.