National Puppy Day is the celebration of not only puppies but of every dog as they never really grow out of their childish, playful nature.

The date, March 23, was first set aside in 2006 by the author Colleen Paige, before other groups and organizations followed suit. The idea is to call attention to puppies in need of adoption and the abuses found in puppy mills.

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However, dog lovers and dog parents have earmarked this day to celebrate the incredible bond they share with their little companions.

On this special occasion, people have filled social media with heart-melting pictures of their furry friends and honestly, we cannot have enough of it.

Even celebrities have taken to Twitter to share photos and videos of their dogs. 

While Canadian musician Terri Clark posted a picture of her dogs, US talk show host Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a video of adorable dog compilation video.

Actor Hugh Jackman also posted a picture with his dog ‘Allegra’, reminiscing the day the furry companion joined their family.

Democratic Rep. of the US city of Michigan Rashida Tlaib also posted a picture with her puppy ‘Tayta’.

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She wrote: “It’s #NationalPuppyDay everyone. Tayta is 4 months already and keeps growing. She has brought our family so much joy and laughter during a tough time. Our little fuzzy family members keep around. I love it and want to see your babies too.”

Even official Twitter handles of Basketball, Football and Baseball posted pictures of their players with their puppies. 

Everyone has joined in to celebrate the angels on earth — dogs.