A New Jersey police officer’s quick-thinking saved the life of a 5-week-old baby boy, who was choking and “turning blue”, Fox News reported on Monday.

After receiving a call from the baby’s father, who had dialed the emergency number 911, Secaucus police officer Mikhail Kowlessar came to the rescue and slapped the baby on the back. This resulted in him spitting up some clear liquid, following which he started breathing again.

“Police Officer Kowlessar utilised his training and performed flawlessly, which undoubtedly saved this infant’s life. I am extremely proud of him,” said police chief Dennis Miller.

The incident happened on last Wednesday night when officers received a call from the panicked father who said that his boy was “turning blue.”

Following this, they rushed to the house at Mallard Place and found the mother performing CPR on the baby, who was not breathing. Kowlessar stepped in at that time.

The infant was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center thereafter and was discharged on Thursday morning. 

Kowlessar has been in the police force since 2018.