A Telangana farmer, who was praying and starving for the recovery of US President Donald Trump from COVID-19, died of cardiac arrest on Sunday around noon in Medak, news agency ANI reported. 

The news agency also stated that a close associate of Bussa Krishna Raju, the farmer, said he was shocked when he learnt about Trump’s illness. 

“He spent sleepless nights, starved and prayed for US President Trump’s recovery for the past three-four days.”

Raju had installed a six-feet statue of Trump on the latter’s birthday on June 14. He had said, “I will offer prayers to statue every day.”

The US President on October 2 said that he tested positive for coronavirus and was admitted to a military hospital outside Washington later that day. However, Trump has now returned to the White House and has said that he is “immune” to COVID-19.